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Name: Anna
Age: 16
Country: England
Fav. cyclist (other than Ulrich): Alejandro Valverde or Jens!
Most hated cyclist: Lance Armstrong ;) ;)
Fav Race: I've enjoyed the Giro over the last few years. The Tours always something to watch but i try and watch whatever Eurosport churns out. Oh i really like watching the World Championship Road Races/Time Trials
Why do you like Ulrich?: Hes the original man in pink. Hes been Armstrongs bridesmaid for about 7 years which sucks.. He could of won the tour so many times if not for the annoying Texan.
Why do you like Cycling? Thats a stupid question :P Its just something to behold. IMO its the most physically demanding sport out there, puts Golf to shame.
Should this community be less pink?: Ney.
lovin it?

Name: Caz
Age: 16
Country: England
Fav. cyclist (other than Ulrich): Toss up between Millar and Mcewwn
Most hated cyclist: ..Armstrong -narrows eyes-
Fav Race: Tour de france
Why do you like Ulrich?: I honestly couldnt tell you...its a strange obbsession..but I <3 it. No, cos he was armstrongs biggest competitor, and a bit of an underdog due to his lack of pre race form..so....yeah
Why do you like Cycling?: Er...I was raised on it, I'd be sacrificially slaughtered by my family if I didn't :P
Should this community be less pink?: ..Well, perosnally I liek pink...but Cyclings a guys thing, and T-mobile pink isn't appropriate anymore...
Poll #791367 Super Jan's Drugs

Do you think Jan's A doper?

The proof is in the big bag of blood labelled "Jan"..duh!
No chance
Of course, name a pro cyclist who isn't!
I couldn't care less whether he did/didn't/is injecting EPO as we speak..he looks good in lycra
Test Post.

I know Jan WAS a t-mobile rider..but is the pink layout a bit much? :P